Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mrs. Boise - Angelina Mettille

Advocates Against Violence, a cause very near and dear to Angelina Mrs. Boise's heart and one of the many reason she choose to run for Mrs. Idaho.  Hope Doors is one of the shelters in Idaho and one of the causes that Angelina supports both financially and physically.  Wherever Angelina is her family isn't far behind.

 Mrs. Boise Angelina Mettille doing an appearance on behalf of her sponsor and client and is pictured with ESPN's hosts. 

Angelina Mettille Mrs. Boise holds a parent seat for MSD and loves volunteering at our children's schools all over the Treasure Valley.  She was asked to come and  teach about marketing as well as what she does for a living which is quite the list. 

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