Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mrs. Boise - Angelina Mettille

Angelina Mettille - Mrs. Boise is pictured with Brenda Mee who was a former Mrs. Idaho America title holder and can be heard on Kissin 92.  Angelina was a volunteer for the Kid's Fair and help with PBS and Kissin 92's booths.  Angelina is also pictured with some sweet little ones.

Mrs. Boise Angelina Mettille at the Heart Ball with the JDF group supporting American Heart Association.  A fun group pic with a little photo bomb by Karalie DeLuca founder of The Jayden DeLuca Foundation.

Angelina Mettille Mrs. Boise proud and pictured with her daughter Peyton who won Miss Idaho Elementary doing her very first pageant. 

Angelina Mettille Mrs. Boise at Razzle Dazzle College talking about marketing, integrity, and always giving back to your community.  Beauty is always from within and with a giving selfless heart nothing can hold you back.

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