Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mrs. Eagle - Alyson Likes

Me & the kids with the Easter Bunny at Eagle's Egg-cellent Easter Egg Hunt.

I was asked to throw out the first pitch to start the West Valley Little League 2013 Softball Season.

Me & the girls who helped during the opening ceremonies.

I was asked to sign autographs for the players.

Mrs. Bonneville County - Jennifer Mathewson

Mrs. Bonneville County America Jennifer Elizabeth Mathewson organized a free basic self defense class in Idaho Falls at the Apple Athletic Club. As a former police officer, Jennifer believes it's important that all women know the basics of defending themselves.

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Habitat For Humanity in Idaho Falls

The Mrs. Idaho America contestants got down and dirty helping build a Habitat for Humanity home in Idaho Falls on May 11. In attendance were Mrs. Bonneville County Jennifer Elizabeth Mathewson, Mrs. Teton River Misty Kesler, Mrs. Bannock County Kimberly Paige, Mrs. Rexburg Lori Price and Mrs. Star Garnet Lacey Wirkus.

Mrs. Bonneville County Jennifer Elizabeth Mathewson & Mrs. Idaho Falls Chelsey Kelley

Mrs. Bonneville County Jennifer Elizabeth Mathewson and Mrs. Idaho Falls Chelsey Kelley were asked to serve as dignitaries at the inaugural Field of Honor along with Miss Idaho Falls Kaitlyn Anderson. The Field of Honor hosted an amazing display of patriotism with 1,000 large U.S. flags flying atop 8-foot poles in perfect rows leading uphill to the Vietnam War Memorial in Freeman Park in Idaho Falls. The temporary display honored Veterans, Military Service Personnel, First Responders, and Victims of Child Abuse. Jennifer Elizabeth Mathewson is a former security forces officer in the United States Air Force.

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Mrs. Treasure Valley - Courtney Lehosit

- Women's & Children's Alliance "Healing Begins with Hope" Breakfast, May 2013

- Family Advocates "Welcome Home" Luncheon, May 2013

Mrs. Idaho Falls - Chelsey Kelley & Mrs. Bonneville County Jen Mathewson

Mrs. Idaho Falls Chelsey Kelley (left) and Mrs. Bonneville County Jen Mathewson volunteer at the Vin and Ale Celebration May 17 to raise money for Help, Inc., an organization dedicated to helping victims of child sex abuse.
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Mrs. Star - Whitney Dickman

Mrs. Star Whitney Dickman participating in the dunk tank for a fundraiser at the Star car show.

Good Morning Idaho

Mrs. Boise Angelina Mettille, Mrs. Garden City Virginia Treat and Mrs. Eagle Alyson Likes recording for KTVB Good Morning Idaho.  

Contestants get together at Bella Aquila.

Mrs. Boise - Angelina Mettille

Advocates Against Violence, a cause very near and dear to Angelina Mrs. Boise's heart and one of the many reason she choose to run for Mrs. Idaho.  Hope Doors is one of the shelters in Idaho and one of the causes that Angelina supports both financially and physically.  Wherever Angelina is her family isn't far behind.

 Mrs. Boise Angelina Mettille doing an appearance on behalf of her sponsor and client and is pictured with ESPN's hosts. 

Angelina Mettille Mrs. Boise holds a parent seat for MSD and loves volunteering at our children's schools all over the Treasure Valley.  She was asked to come and  teach about marketing as well as what she does for a living which is quite the list. 

Mrs. Boise - Angelina Mettille


Angelina Mettille is pictured with a sweet kindergarten class at Hawthorne Elementary.  She was asked to come read to all the classes that day to promote further literacy in our school system.
If there is one thing Angelina loves more than shopping, eating, or spending time with her family it's the arts.  Nothing like starting them young.  Mrs. Boise, Angelina Mettille was thrilled to be apart of these children's big debut.  

Protect Idaho Kids Fashion Show and protecting as a family.  Angelina Mettille with her husband Josh and her daughter Peyton modeling in a fashion show raising funds for Protect Idaho Kids.

Mrs. Boise - Angelina Mettille

Angelina Mettille - Mrs. Boise is pictured with Brenda Mee who was a former Mrs. Idaho America title holder and can be heard on Kissin 92.  Angelina was a volunteer for the Kid's Fair and help with PBS and Kissin 92's booths.  Angelina is also pictured with some sweet little ones.

Mrs. Boise Angelina Mettille at the Heart Ball with the JDF group supporting American Heart Association.  A fun group pic with a little photo bomb by Karalie DeLuca founder of The Jayden DeLuca Foundation.

Angelina Mettille Mrs. Boise proud and pictured with her daughter Peyton who won Miss Idaho Elementary doing her very first pageant. 

Angelina Mettille Mrs. Boise at Razzle Dazzle College talking about marketing, integrity, and always giving back to your community.  Beauty is always from within and with a giving selfless heart nothing can hold you back.

Mrs. Boise - Angelina Mettille

JDF hockey night!!  Mrs. Boise Angelina Mettille pictured with first Karalie DeLuca the foundation's founder.  JDF has raised over 500 thousand dollars and with the help of Angelina Mettille we hope to reach 700k by the end of the year.

Mrs. Boise Angelina Mettille is having lunch with a student who won an auction and happens to be Little Miss Idaho United States.  The student won having lunch bought and with Mrs. Boise by using hard earned economy money she earned at school.

The Jayden DeLuca Foundation Masquerade Ball where Angelina Mettille Mrs. Boise is pictured with her husband Josh Mettille.  Angelina was in charged of several aspects of the Masquerade Ball and was one of the volunteers on the committee board.

The Jayden DeLuca Foundation's first annual "Race for Hearts" Angelina Mettille the Executive Director of the Foundation is doing a little face painting.  The proceeds from the event goes to finding a medical cure for pediatric congenital heart disease.