Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mrs. Eagle - Amy Janson

Amy visited her sponsor, Skin Medical Spa in Eagle for their community spa party.

Mrs. Les Bois - Jennifer Claassen

Mrs. Boise Greenbelt - America Yorita-Carrion

Delegates showing support for Family Advocates, a child abuse and neglect prevention organization whose efforts strengthen families in Idaho.  Selaina Smalley, Heather Langer, Virginia Treat, Samantha Harris, Heather Quisel, Karissa Shaw, Trinity Maye, Katie Denning, Amber Wilson Swenson, Rebecca Fairbanks

Mrs. Boise Greenbelt and Mrs. Eagle Crest (Heather Langer) put on their bowling shoes to support Giraffe Laugh's Annual Bowlathon.  Giraffe Laugh's mission is to provide quality early child care and education to more than 130 Treasure Valley children daily.

Mrs. Les Bois - Jennifer Claassen

Mrs. Can-Ada - Camille Levi

Camille Levi Mrs. Can-Ada and Karissa Shaw Mrs. Meridian Village, cycle to stop the cylce of child abuse at the Live for 175 event hosted by Keke Luv and 103.5 FM. 

Camille Levi, Mrs. Can-Ada with sponsor Pam Casey at the Protect Idaho Kids Fashion Show

Camille Levi, Mrs. Can-Ada volunteering at the St. Paul's School Dinner & Auction Fundraiser

Camille Levi, Mrs. Can-Ada, posing for the camera with some sweet young ladies at the Nampa Health Fest!

Mrs. Can-Ada helping the Nampa Chamber of commerce at the community Health Fest

Mrs. Lucky Peak - Laura Mason

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mrs. Idaho America - Misty Kesler

Performing our talents to brighten the holiday season for this retirement center. Nothing like some Christmas carols to bring the spirit of Christmas into your hearts. 

Mrs. Idaho America - Misty Kesler

It's pretty exciting to be crowned Mrs. Idaho (ok its one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me) but watching one of your friend be crowned Mrs. World that takes the cake!!! Kaley is such am amazing person...funny, intelligent, killer onstage, really just beautiful inside & out.  Not to mention her love of her platform & the difference she has made educating the state of Idaho on the prevention of childhood sexual abuse. Basically she has it all & when I heard that we could meet her a the airport.... I knew I wouldn't be missing out.
It was so fun seeing all my pageant sister & past Queens
But the best part was when Kaley was able to crown me Mrs. Idaho!!!

Mrs. Idaho America - Misty Kesler

One of the 1st things I had the opportunity to be apart of was a bake sale at my sons Elementary school. His fantastic teacher Mrs. Bear had read them a book about bringing water to 3rd world countries, the kids were inspired to "make it count". They raised over a thousand dollars. 

Mrs. Idaho America - Misty Kesler

The Rexburg Meet & Mingle (I'm hoping you have the pic of everyone you could add to this post)
Our Meet in Mingle was the 1st of its kind.... just like they stated in the local paper!!!

The most exciting thing that happened that night was the directors announced that local title holders were now able to purchase a crown.  I think at least 6 were sold that night, they were going like hotcakes!!!! 

Mrs. Idaho America - Misty Kesler

My 1st make it count challenge as Mrs. Idaho was a huge success! I has the opportunity  to challenge all these cute young ladies to make it count. Some girls challenge was as simple as making a new friend, trying a new sport, or getting a good grade on an upcoming test. But one challenge writ tend down really caught my attention. She said "I'm going to stand up for my friend tomorrow when "Ben" bullies her" , I love inspiring these girls to do something they didn't have the confidence to do before! Let's all remember to Make It Count. 

Mrs. Idaho America - Misty Kelser

Brett & I were recently awarded a peace prize by Madison Middle school! They put on such a great presentation for us and made us feel so special. Thanks MMS 

Mrs. Idaho America - Misty Kesler

I love being the director of the DYW program (formerly Junior Miss) in my area. I love getting to know all the amazing young women who participate & watch how the program pushes them & helps them blossom into beautiful women. 
This year was especially fun with so many of my pageant sisters helping out with the program.  I always had so many volunteers from Mock Interviews, backstage moms, & my fabulous directors even judged the program.  My Pageant sisters were always helping me get the things accomplished I didn't have time for & I'm so grateful for all their help! 
I also gave out my first Make It Count Scholarship 

Mrs. Idaho America - Misty Kesler

The S.E.I. viewing party was a huge success! We packed into my theater room & enjoyed the food and great company.  Pageant sisters really are the best! I LOVE mine!!!!