Monday, July 2, 2012

Mrs. Boise Nadia Archer ~ Helping make DREAMS come true!

I met this amazing little boy Jayden when I was at live for 175. He touched me deeply with his story and his strength. Later his Aunt told me he had started a bucket list. Things he wanted to do before he passes away. After meeting him and his family I knew I had to help get him to Disneyland. Myself along with the help of my Mom contacted as many people as we could to help. We were blessed to have a some good friends from Elko donate over 1300.00 for his trip. Chucks BBQ raised 500.00 from food sells and the Snake River Brothers a non-profit Organization donated a check for 800.00!! I have more I am trying to raise so I can hopefully send him by September!! I will let you and they rest of the pageant ladies know when I do his next fundraiser! Miss you ladies and hope to see you soon!!!!
Nadia Mrs. Boise 2012

Mrs. Idaho America attends 2012 Northwest Rib Fest

Teresa Floto Former Mrs. City of Trees

Mrs. Caldwell 2012

Mrs. Capital City 2011

Former Mrs. Meridian and Mrs. Boise BFF's

Former Mrs. Id's, local titleholders and myself participated in the "Dunk a Queen" dunk tank raising funds for Jamie Jamie Lamb Hilton-Mrs. Idaho America 2009. Jamie suffered a brain injury following a fishing accident early in June. We were told that we had the best seat in the house since it was so hot! Yes! Indeed we did!  Always Beverly

Mrs. Idaho America Pool Party

Having Fun swimming and visiting at the pool party for Mrs. Idaho America title holders and families.

Mrs. Idaho America DON'T 90 Second Video

My platform: "just DONT" Drive on no Texting.  Be safe and don't text and drive.
Always, Beverly

Mrs. Idaho America Beverly Hartle ~ Fundsy Dinner

Beverly Mrs. Idaho America making a difference for Jamie Hilton Mrs. ID 09

A fundraiser for my sister Queen Mrs. Idaho America 2009 Jamie Hilton.  We sold 152 of these cute cadet hats provided by NoVae Clothing.

Meridian Free Family Fishing Day with Mrs. Idaho Beverly Hartle

The State FISH..Cutthroat Trout!  A morning of fishing brings TROUT for me! However, we had fun experiencing the hobby that so many Idahoans love! The line casting-fun, worms-gross, fishing-no patience, families & friends -PRICELESS!

Always, Beverly

Mrs. Idaho America attends MADD Org Annual Walk

Boise held it's first run/walk event today for the organization MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers). This is to bring about awareness to drunk driving and the tragedies that have been affected. MADD Boise raised over $6000 in an effort to stop drunk driving, support families of victims and to eliminate underage drinking. My friend, Angela Boyle lost her brother, Shawn Marti and 5 month old n...iece in 2003 when a drunk driver hit the Marti family head on. Angela helped to organize this MADD walk/run and I hope to collaborate with them and perhaps have a MADD/DONT walk for next year since they both raise awareness to driving safely and preventing distractive driving that has taken many lives senselessly.
Always, Beverly