Monday, July 2, 2012

Mrs. Boise Nadia Archer ~ Helping make DREAMS come true!

I met this amazing little boy Jayden when I was at live for 175. He touched me deeply with his story and his strength. Later his Aunt told me he had started a bucket list. Things he wanted to do before he passes away. After meeting him and his family I knew I had to help get him to Disneyland. Myself along with the help of my Mom contacted as many people as we could to help. We were blessed to have a some good friends from Elko donate over 1300.00 for his trip. Chucks BBQ raised 500.00 from food sells and the Snake River Brothers a non-profit Organization donated a check for 800.00!! I have more I am trying to raise so I can hopefully send him by September!! I will let you and they rest of the pageant ladies know when I do his next fundraiser! Miss you ladies and hope to see you soon!!!!
Nadia Mrs. Boise 2012

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