Monday, October 28, 2013

Mrs. Star - Whitney Dickman

Here's a pboto from the Star Chamber luncheon, that I was invited to attend. It was so great to tell the members about the Mrs. Idaho Organization. 

Mrs. Star - Whitney Dickman

Tonight I dropped off some cereal (40 boxes worth!! wowza!) to the Star food bank and took a tour with Director Connie and her grandson Jacob. Such a neat organization!

Mrs. Idaho Falls - Melissa Rhodehouse

Here are a couple pics.  My husband and I at the Meleleuca Freedom celebration where I sang the National Anthem.   The My Family promoting Lets Move with the YMCA at the 4th of July Parade.  Me with the Idaho  falls Color Guard and Pipes and drums at the Community Fest where I sang the National Anthem.  And  myself at the Color Run promoting Lets move and raising money for the YMCA. 

Mrs. Bannock County - Kimberly Paige

Kimberly just spoke to 5 health classes at Irving Middle school here
in Pocatello about "Speaking Out Against Bulling". This was a great
experience and had a blast being able to not only teach but learn from
these 6th and 7th graders.

Mrs. Rigby - Natalie Martin

Natalie Martin- Mrs. Rigby pictured at various appearances and with her sponsors.

Mrs. Star - Whitney Dickman

Kristen Armstrong and I at the Star Elementary track celebration!

Heres a photo from the spaghetti dinner I made for the Ronald McDonald house lastnight. It was such a great time!

My volunteer coordinator Kathleen and I before a court trial in which I presented to the court on behalf of a little boy I am a court appointed guardian for.

Mrs. Salmon - Jodi Sommers

Mrs. Salmon cheers on the Salmon Marathon runners. Setting up the course and offering refreshments preferred over running 26 miles!

Mrs. Salmon - Jodi Sommers

Caption: Presenting prizes from Salmon's Chamber of Commerce Treasure Hunt that Mrs. Salmon created and orchestrated for the Gold Wing Road Riders Assosciation from five states and Canada. Great group of people, very fun to meet. Earlier that day Mrs. Salmon and Salmon's Mayor scooped ice cream at the community show and shine. 

Mrs. Bannock County, Mrs. Star Garnet, Mrs. Swan Valley, Mrs. Eagle Rock

One thing that keeps a pageant running, is the elbow grease from everyone behind the scenes. Kimberly Paige (Mrs. Bannock County), Lacey Wirkus (Mrs. Star Garnet), and Chandra Porter (Mrs. Swan Valley), helped put on fake eyelashes, curl hair, and even had to sew a couple contestants in their outfit for the Miss Idaho Falls Pageant. It was a great turnout and a growing experience for not only the contestants but for us hostesses. Sheena Daniels (Mrs. Eagle Rock), helped with dress rehearsals and also cheered on all the contestants on pageant night. Before the crazy night, Austin Kade, a sponsor, gave everyone involved with the pageant any service they wanted. We all had fun getting our hair done and getting pampered before a long, fun, and exciting night.

Mrs. Salmon - Jodi Sommers

Jodi Sommers, Mrs. Salmon, Deput - 24th of July Celebration- Pioneer Day - Almost ten hours of a party!

Mrs. Madison County - Jaclyn Brunson

This is me at the Legacy Flight Museum Fly-In on June 15, where I spent the morning informing and educating people about the museum's airplanes and WWII.

Mrs. Star Garnet - Lacey Wirkus & Mrs. Bannock County - Kimberly Paige

Lacey Wirkus, Mrs. Star Garnet, was amazing at putting flyers together and organizing pickup of shoes, for Shoes for Love at Eastern Idaho's Biggest Garage Sale. With Kimberly Paige, Mrs. Bannock County, they were able to get one and a half truck beds of shoes in one hour. The people were so generous and it helped these queens put their goal into action.

Spring Workshop

Finally coming together as a whole, this group of beautiful ladies learned what it takes to do well in interview, how to stand with pretty feet, and what it takes to give your hair volume. Thanks again to all the sponsors that came and gave up part of their Saturday to teach us about the different aspects of the pageant!

Eastern Idaho Meet and Greet

It was a wonderful time meeting all of the Eastern Idaho Contestants at the Meet and Greet in Idaho Falls. So many talented women that are making a difference in their community.

Mrs. Bannock County - Kimberly Paige

One of the craziest experiences I have ever had was being a judge at the Mr. ISU pageant. I saw talents from playing a guitar, ball room dancing, to even a skit about the politics of big businesses. These guys were truly outstanding and a great group of guys to represent the college town of Pocatello.

Mrs. Minidoka County - Ellen Austin

 As Mrs. Minidoka County, I was able to run my first 10k at the 5th Annual Dam 5k/10k! 
All of the proceeds go to Minidoka County schools.

Mrs. Treasure Valley - Courtney Conner Lehosit

Courtney Conner Lehosit had the wonderful honor of making a few remarks on behalf of US Senator Mike Crapo at the 9th Annual Memorial Celebration at the Idaho Veteran's Cemetery. Also in attendance with Courtney were Congressman Raul Labrador and Lieutenant Governor Brad Little.