Monday, October 28, 2013

Mrs. Bannock County, Mrs. Star Garnet, Mrs. Swan Valley, Mrs. Eagle Rock

One thing that keeps a pageant running, is the elbow grease from everyone behind the scenes. Kimberly Paige (Mrs. Bannock County), Lacey Wirkus (Mrs. Star Garnet), and Chandra Porter (Mrs. Swan Valley), helped put on fake eyelashes, curl hair, and even had to sew a couple contestants in their outfit for the Miss Idaho Falls Pageant. It was a great turnout and a growing experience for not only the contestants but for us hostesses. Sheena Daniels (Mrs. Eagle Rock), helped with dress rehearsals and also cheered on all the contestants on pageant night. Before the crazy night, Austin Kade, a sponsor, gave everyone involved with the pageant any service they wanted. We all had fun getting our hair done and getting pampered before a long, fun, and exciting night.

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