Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mrs. Boise - Angelina Mettille

JDF hockey night!!  Mrs. Boise Angelina Mettille pictured with first Karalie DeLuca the foundation's founder.  JDF has raised over 500 thousand dollars and with the help of Angelina Mettille we hope to reach 700k by the end of the year.

Mrs. Boise Angelina Mettille is having lunch with a student who won an auction and happens to be Little Miss Idaho United States.  The student won having lunch bought and with Mrs. Boise by using hard earned economy money she earned at school.

The Jayden DeLuca Foundation Masquerade Ball where Angelina Mettille Mrs. Boise is pictured with her husband Josh Mettille.  Angelina was in charged of several aspects of the Masquerade Ball and was one of the volunteers on the committee board.

The Jayden DeLuca Foundation's first annual "Race for Hearts" Angelina Mettille the Executive Director of the Foundation is doing a little face painting.  The proceeds from the event goes to finding a medical cure for pediatric congenital heart disease.

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